Workshops are offered throughout the year to enhance your yoga and meditaiton practice, to facilitate relaxation and healing, and to inspire you to live authentically as a happy, healthy person.  Don't see what you are interested in or want to offer your skills to the group contact Paula at 807-628-2870. 


 Coming Nov. 9th 2017

40 Day Meditation Challenge with the 5th Sutra

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Dates of gatherings:

Nov. 9th 7:45-9pm

Nov. 30th 7:45-9pm

Dec. 21st time to be announce (also our Winter Solstice Celebration and completion of the 40 days)

 It works because we are really a manifestation of what we think, eat, do. Our cells are imbedded with imprints of our surroundings and thoughts.
By having a daily meditation practice, we are re-shaping our inner being. We are replacing the old patterns and thoughts with new ones. The new patterns and thoughts then trickles down to our cells. Because each of our cells are made up of tiny atoms (neurons, protons, and electrons), our cells send out vibrations into the universe in the form of energy. People around you can feel your vibrations.
So, when we are practicing Meditation every day, we are working on our signals to the universe by chipping away at our subconscious identity and blocks, moving ourselves towards the higher self and neutrality of the mind.

In Kundalini Yoga we understand that it takes 40 days to change a habit, 90 days to confirm the new habit, 120 days and you become the new habit, 1000 days and you master the habit.

Sat Nam




New Year Long Deep Dive Starts Jan. 2018 

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