This is a great oportunity to get your yoga practice on track.  Pick a different yoga class everyday of the week or choose one you love and do it every day for 30 days!!  AND FOR ONLY $1  Simply use the promo code in the check out and get startetd today!  Cancel anytime with No obligation to continue.

Build your vitality and strenghten your body as you cleanse and rid yourself of the winter slumber! 

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Workshops are offered throughout the year to enhance your yoga and meditaiton practice, to facilitate relaxation and healing, and to inspire you to live authentically as a happy, healthy person.  Don't see what you are interested in or want to offer your skills to the group contact Paula at 807-628-2870. 


Gong Meditation and Relaxation Nights - UNDERSTANDING SOUND BENEFITS:
We are born out of sound, exist in sound and we dissolve into sound. Sound is an effective and proven modality that can help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. Sound is a type of energy medicine that creates the sacred space in which people can heal themselves on many levels.

April 5th -7:45pm

April 19th - 7:45pm

May 3rd - 7:45pm

May 24th - 7:45pm

This class is a pay what you can event.  This means you pay what you feel the class is worth and how much you can afford.  Registration is not necessary however, appreciated.  No expereince necessary.

Learn the Happiness Meditation here and join in on the Happiness Challenge!

What can you do when the world turns to shambles around you?  Where do you go when chaos takes over your life, filling your days and nights with pressure, fear, tension, and stress?  How can you survive a life of chaos, when you feel under attack and completely overwhelmed?

Throw a wrench into the gears of your brain and stop it from spiraling further out of control.  Using mantra meditation can create a vibration that allows your psyche to readjust itself inviting in the feeling of peace, contentment and overall happiness.

Happiness. What is it and how can I experience more of it?

Come out to any of the gong nights and enjoy the meditaiton for happiness with a group of dedicated and like minded poeple.  See the dates and times above.

Missed the beginning and still want to join in on the challenge? NO PROBLEM

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