Workshops are offered throughout the year to enhance your yoga and meditaiton practice, to facilitate relaxation and healing, and to inspire you to live authentically as a happy, healthy person.  Don't see what you are interested in or want to offer your skills to the group contact Paula at 807-628-2870. 


Gong Relaxation and Meditation Nights

Check out more information about the healing effects of the gong Here

Join me for a Magical Summer with Mantra Meditation & the Gong to Raise our vibrational frequency and create a focused, intentional life!

Sept. 10th - Birthday Celebration & Fundraiser

relax to the gong.  Registration is not necessary however is appreciated.

No experience necessary. All are welcome.

Pay what you can class

email Paula at  for more information or to reserve your spot.

  "All of the Universe is a vibration of energy. We are either vibrating in harmony or disharmony with the Universe. We vibrate frequency through our thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and feelings. What we put out to the Universe we receive back, much like a boom-a-rang.

When life seems to be continually placing blocks along your path and nothing seems to be moving, it may be showing that you are not vibrating in harmony with the Universe. To vibrate with the Universe is to vibrate the higher frequencies of love, compassion, and kindness.

One of the best ways to be in the flow of the Cosmos is through yoga, meditation, and chanting mantra—sacred sounds that attune you to the Universe."  Come out and learn a powerful mantra meditation that will open up the flow of energy and help align and balance your frequency with that of the universe.