Workplace Yoga

Are you looking to improve your workplace environment?  Do you and your co-works struggle with stress and anxiety?  Could you benefit from team building and putting health and wellness in the forfront of your work day?  Workplace yoga is designed to meet the individual and unique needs of your environment that you deal with on a daily basis offering skills and tools that you can use on and off the yoga mat.

Workplace yoga can take place as an ongoing class before work begins, during lunch time, or right after work is finished for the day.

Also available are classes or workshops designed to complement seminars, Professional Development Days and conferences.

Corporate Packages

Lunch and Learn – This one hour session is good for promoting health and wellness.  It can be a great addition to your full day workshops, seminars, or team building events.  Pick from themes such as Yoga at the Desk, How to Breathe  so You Can Live better, Intro to Meditations, Relax and Get the Most out of Your Sleep, and more.  Customized lunch and learns are available to better suit your individual group’s needs.

The Interested Employer Package – 8 week session

Yoga in the workplace is a cost effective program that shows your employees simple tools that can help them with the demands of the workforce.  Yoga in the workplace has been known to improve staff morale, increase productivity through more focus, and reduce staff absenteeism due to an overall sense of wellbeing.

The Dedicated Employer Package- 8 week yoga session 2x week

This package includes two yoga classes per week that can run on different days and/or different times so that all your employees can take advantage of the program.  This package is designed for large companies with multiple time schedules and for the smaller businesses that would like to commit to a more active practice. Mix n Match this package with yoga, meditation, and/or lunch n learn workshops to make a customized program that meets your employees unique needs.

 For more information on pricing or how to bring workplace yoga to your office or business please contact Paula at 807-628-2870 or e-mail

Quote from participant
"I like the variety from week to week. Keep showing the variations of each posture so that more advanced participants are challenged. The convenience of doing yoga on my lunch hour at work is great!"

"I have really enjoyed yoga in the work place at noon. There is nothing like releasing stress and tension mid day. it allows me to feel refreshed and better able to tackle my day."
Janis Hardick

"Thank you for your time and patience, it has been a great experience and I love the fact that we have the class at the work place, it is very convenient and time effective. I hope you will come back after summer to be able to continue learning.  It has been a  great experience." Arlez

"Every class was different which was wonderful.  The whole session was well thought out and a great experience each time.  A great way to end the workday.  I am looking forward to trying the online studio" Patricia