Oct. 21st 4:30am - 7:00am


What is Sadhana?  Sadhana is a spiritual practice.  Sadhana (the word itself) means any practice of self discipline that allows one to express the infinite within one’s self. It is a time each day to notice all the negative habits that lead you away from higher consciousness and to eliminate the desires underlying those habits one by one. 

Sadhana is a conscious activity.  You consciously choose to wake up in the early hours of the morning instead of sleeping.  Consciously exercise the body and meditate.  Each day we are different.  Every 72 hours all the cells of our body totally change.  Sickness comes and goes.  Motivation waxes and wanes.  But through all the flux of life, through all the variations of our minds and hearts, we consciously choose to maintain a constant and regular practice.

Why in the early morning?  It is important because the angle of the sun to the earth is very good for meditation at that time.  Also there is a lot of Prana (life force energy) in these hours and the body rhythms are more set to support physical cleansing then during the rest of the day.  There are few people awake and busy so the clutter and bustle of daily activities does not interfere with you.

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What to expect:

  • When you first arrive, come in quietly and set up your things
  • Expect to see people in white, everyone is invited to wear white however it is not necessary.
  • For the first 15-20 minutes will be a chanting prayer called Japji.
  • We will then tune in and begin our yoga kriya practice
  • There will be a short relaxation in silence.
  • Following relaxation will be 62 minutes of meditation using 7 different chants; read about chants
  • Following the meditation tea will be served.

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