Private Yoga Coaching

Private Yoga Coaching Packages

Work with Paula one on one to move through some deep patterns and free up energy to live more vibrantly and more authentically.  These sessions will include a numerology reading, follow up appointments (to be determined during consultation), email support and online yoga classes to support the transformation.  When doing this work it is important to attend at least one live class per week and as many online classes as possible.

Consultation - $75+tx

Basic Package

  •  includes numerology reading, 2 follow up apt., online studio access while under mentoring, email support

Extended Package

  • includes numerology reading, 6 follow up apt's, online studio access while under mentoring, email support, access to one yoga class per week with Paula

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I’ve been on this inward journey to healing for a long time, and I was still working on releasing the defense mechanisms that I held in the body.  I had a vision to do workshops to help others with similar struggles and contacted Paula teaming together to make that happen. Through our planning process Paula was able sense where my bodily blocks were stored and we started to heal them through:

  •  Numerology using the 10 Body Technology,  helping me bring insight to blocks in my life; through this, she added specifically designed Kriyas to complement the shift in transforming the blocks to creative energy
  • Kundalini Yoga that challenges me on all levels; and, encourages me to stretch beyond my assumed capabilities and limitations
  • Intuitive Coaching that hears my struggles beyond the spoken word
  • SRI- Somato Respiratory Integration- working with my breath, motion and touch to encourage me to accept and integrate both the positive and the negative energy within

In two months, I accomplished more with Paula’s expertise than I did in the previous years of self-study.

I highly recommend working with Paula if you are ready and willing to do the work needed to get to the point of being able to declare “I Am Free to Be Me!”

Marla Hickerson