Workshops are offered throughout the year to enhance your yoga and meditaiton practice, to facilitate relaxation and healing, and to inspire you to live authentically as a happy, healthy here to see the latest offerings


Numerology Readings to Compliment Your Yoga Practice

Numerology using the 10 Body Technology can help bring insight to blocks in your life, how to speak with your partner for more effective communication, and can deepen your awareness of yourself. Numerology has its roots in ancient yogic teachings. The real gift of this Numerology system is its quickness, simplicity, and accuracy. First it establishes an understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses and then it identifies how here to read more

Private Yoga Coaching Packages

Are you stressed out?

Doyou feel stuck?

Do you want to have more vitality?

Do you want to live life to your full potential?

Work with Paula one on one to move through some deep patterns and free up energy to live more vibrantly and more here to learn more 


Group or Private Classes

  • Do you want to have your own class with family or friends?
  • Are you a team or group visiting from out of town and want your own class?
  • Are you tired of not being able to find the right class for yourself?

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