For Yoga Teachers

Paula Ribotto is pleased to be offering both CE Credits and Mentorship programs for Yoga Teachers.

About Continuing Education Credits for Yoga Teachers

For many of us yoga teachers, teaching yoga has become a journey that began on our yoga mat with our first conscious breath and has transformed into a life-long path that continually unfolds.  Diving into the teachings and practice of yoga requires continued commitment towards learning and growing in consciousness, both as a practitioner and as a teacher.
Paula's Continuing Education courses are designed to offer support while you deepen your understanding of what yoga is all about and build your connection within the yoga community. 

Whether you just graduated from a Yoga Teacher Training program, you have been teaching and practicing yoga for many years, or you sit somewhere in between, Paula’s courses invite you to dive deeper into the teachings of yoga through both practical and contemplative experience.

Here are a few reasons why you may benefit from Paula's continuing education courses:

  • As you learn and grow, your students will benefit more from your classes. 
  • When you are committed to your evolution, you’ll attract more committed students as well.
  • Your teaching certification is just a starting place. Now that you have a foundation, notice where you feel drawn to expand, learn, and grow within the rich teachings of yoga.
  • Refill your own cup and focus inward- as a teacher this is important!
  • Teaching yoga can be a challenge! CE Credit courses provide opportunities for connection, support, and release.   Creating community with other yoga teachers breaks down barriers of competition and opens doorways of connection, friendship, and support with like-minded people.


Course - IN progress

Yamas and Niyamas; Tools for Living your Potential -

A 12 Month Course with Paula Ribotto

*Dive Deep into the Teachings of Yoga

*Strenthen Your Practice

*Build More Inner Awareness

*Inspire your Students

All levels are welcome and encouraged! Upon completion of the program,Yoga Teachers receive 30 Continuing Education credits. (non-yoga teachers also welcome to participate)

Date and Time: 

Thursdays once a month for 12 months, Starting date January 12th, 2017, 7:30 – 9:30pm

monthly meetings after that will occur on the 1st Thursday of every month 7:30-9:30pm




Yoga Teacher Mentorship


Dive Deep and Find Your Authentic Voice


3 Month Mentorship Program For New Yoga Teachers or Teachers looking to Develop and find their Niche.


This one on one mentorship program with Paula Ribotto is an opportunity to work through some of the fear or blocks of stepping into the role as a teacher.  With 11 years of experience and over 2000 hours of teaching, Paula brings with her a vast knowledge base that will help build your confidence, inspire ideas, and support you in getting started as a teacher and growing your  yoga classes.


Who is it for?  This program is for teachers struggling to complete their first level training, teachers who  have just finished their 200 hour + training that have questions or fears on how to get started, or established yoga teachers wanting to find their authentic voice in a fast growing community.


What will be involved?  This 3 month course will include weekly one on one coaching calls/meetings, webinars on helpful tools for planning and implementing classes/workshops/retreats, ways to promote yourself, opportunities to ask questions, 2 observations with feedback on teaching skills, and access to observing classes with Paula (minimum of 1 per/week live or online). plus so much more. 


How we will work together: 


During our time together you will receive open and honest feedback and direction. I will help you stay both accountable and creative. If you decide this is a good fit for you, you will begin the program by completing a detailed questionnaire so that I can get to know you better, and most importantly for me to find out how I can serve you best. Our sessions will be either live or via online and will cover material set out based on your individual needs.  We will end each session by identifying clear, actionable steps for you to work on, and I will offer you unlimited email support during the program.  If you sense this could be a good fit for you, the first step is to complete an application so that I can get to know you better, and find out how I can serve you best.


A few things we might work on…


  • Creating your WHY – getting a lot of clarity around why you teach, to help facilitate how you teach.
  • Developing a more refined home practice – for your own expansion and growth as a teacher
  • Guidance around class planning, theming, and sequencing – pulling from my experience of over 2000 classes.
  • Guidance around creating workshops, unique offerings, corporate group programs, retreats, etc
  • Discussion on various class scenarios – in class injuries, class behaviour and communication, teacher/student relationships (on all levels), effective teaching techniques and communication, etc
  • Business and mindful marketing i.e: website, social media, general promoting, resources, etc
  • Build your confidence and guidance around teaching private lessons
  • How to price yourself, when to work for free, when not to work for free
  • Much more!


If you are being called to teach and are feeling stuck, blocked, fearful or not sure how to get started know that you are not alone…this is more common then you may think.  Working with Paula will give you the nurturing and support you need in a positive and uplifting way.  Contact Paula for an interview to see if this program is for you. or 807-628-2870




The first role of the teacher is to be humble…the character, the courage, the grace, and the magnitude of a person is in practicing humility. One who cannot go under can never grow. The first power of the seed is to go under, and then grow. 




– Yogi Bhajan




 What students are saying...


I’ve been on this inward journey to healing for a long time, and I was still working on releasing the defense mechanisms that I held in the body.  I had a vision to do workshops to help others with similar struggles and contacted Paula teaming together to make that happen. Through our planning process Paula was able sense where my bodily blocks were stored and we started to heal them through:


  •  Numerology using the 10 Body Technology,  helping me bring insight to blocks in my life; through this, she added specifically designed Kriyas to complement the shift in transforming the blocks to creative energy
  • Kundalini Yoga that challenges me on all levels; and, encourages me to stretch beyond my assumed capabilities and limitations
  • Intuitive Coaching that hears my struggles beyond the spoken word
  • SRI- Somato Respiratory Integration- working with my breath, motion and touch to encourage me to accept and integrate both the positive and the negative energy within


In two months, I accomplished more with Paula’s expertise than I did in the previous years of self-study.


I highly recommend working with Paula if you are ready and willing to do the work needed to get to the point of being able to declare “I Am Free to Be Me!”


Marla Hickerson